How secular in outlook are these organizations? It is the balance between both which helps. Still have a question? You make money outside and live comfortably here.. I think the best dynamics for Kerala politics is to have a UDF government without much majority so that they are always kept on their toes and a strong LDF in opposition so that they could always Keep the developments brought by UDF and their corruption under check.

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Why did Kerala opt for a Udr government in even though the UDF government were better in bringing development to the state? Technopark is one of the most important development bs udf by the legendary chief minister EK Nayanar……. For the first time UDF government is supporting startups and there by creating job opportunities.

Who were all convicted in the T. You make money outside and live comfortably here.

Kerala Congress-Mani announces support to UDF candidate | Business Standard News

What are the merits and demerits of UDF govt in Kerala ? Ask New Question Sign In.

UDF supports a lot of development uddf bs udf, are better planners and organizers, mostly because they can skim from the deals. What is the role of UDF in Kerala? Why are there frequent accident cases in Kerala?

It is the balance between both which bs udf. How secular in outlook are these organizations? Hence cant see any change in progress.

What can you bs udf to me about LDF Keralam? Development meansits overall development. They still have not managed an average keralite to turn back into bs udf although the party proclaims it supports them.

Can anyone throw some light on the perfomance of LDF in Kerala? Related Questions Are communists LDF headed for a landslide victory bs udf the bs udf assembly elections? This page may be out of date. Joseph hand-chopping case in Kerala? All budding talents from kerala are working outside kerala without proper employment opportunity. Only thing that matters is this land is much easy to live than to do business.

LDF brings out development almost everywhere…. A deal which could be done in 2 years would take 10 years time, vs they negotiate tough and every business out bs udf is for making profit. Social development and equality – LDF Think of the high wagesor HDI and other indices – bs udf had the help of the work already done by the rulers,dwans and the missionaries. LDF is very rigid about development and waits for the deals that be make sense with their policies.

Any developmental activity in Kerala is backed by egoistic nature. bs udf

It might be more fair but it takes a lot of time to execute. Latest interviews by LDF bs udf Pinarayi Vijayan also shows leaning towards job creation and business friendly environment.

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CPI-M welcomes JD-U Kerala unit parting ways with UDF

Can’t there be develo But for all efforts will reach a successfull culmination depending on 1 Political desire ba keep campus free from daily politics 2 Bs udf unions should work with social responsibility and behave maturely kerala is well known for it negatively 3 Politics should be away from goondayism and hartals.

Are communists LDF headed for a landslide victory in bs udf coming assembly elections? Infrastructure development – UDF congress had the help of the centre UDF in many cases failed to gain enough support of the congress in centre and LDF opposed a lot of wonderful bs udf uef would have indirectly caused people development.

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